Buying Classic Wooden Beds in Cape Town

The bed makes the bedroom unique and stylish. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter what else are in the room. It is the bed that gets noticed first, when someone entering and which shapes others’ perceptions about the place. One of the best choice of bed that never disappoints is wooden bed. Used for hundreds of years and still one of the highest selling material in the furniture market, wooden beds are steady,¬†comfortable and last for a long time. Classic style wooden beds are sold in almost every furniture stores of Cape Town. They come in various sizes, from single to double, queen and king, and can be customized to the design of your choice. When buying from ready-made beds, you can choose from dozen of different designs and sizes.

Furniture retailers in Cape Town stock both locally manufactured and imported wooden beds. Both types are exquisitely made and offer the same level of reliability. The length of time your bed serves you before it needs to repair, depends on the wood used to make it. Common wood types used to make beds are oak, maple, pine, cherry, and rosewood. A number of finishes are applied on the beds. Common finishes you can buy include waxes, varnishes, oils, oil and varnish blends, shellacs, lacquer, and water-based finishes. Each finish has unique benefits that may range from protective to strengthening, preservation and aesthetic. Choose the finish that you like the best!