How To Choose the Best Wardrobes

Wardrobes are backbone of room. Bedrooms look modish by installing modern style wardrobes. Selecting stylish and functional wardrobe can be difficult task. Our guides will help you in finding the best bedroom wardrobes, cabinets and drawers in South Africa.

Size of Wardrobe: Consider usage of wardrobe before buying. Size of wardrobe will depend on space available in the room and your need. If two or more persons are sharing a single wardrobe it should have enough space to keep clothes and other belongings. Also consider how many rails will be enough for storing clothes. If one person wants to use wardrobe then don’t need to buy large size cabinets. Wardrobe should have enough space that clothes don’t drag on floor.

Types of Wardrobes: There are four basic types of wardrobes such as fitted, freestanding, walk in and armories.

Fitted wardrobes:
Fitted wardrobes are best if you are staying in your house for long time. It will long last and you will never have to purchase wardrobe again.  This type of wardrobe is best for every sort of bedroom. Fitted wardrobes maximize storage space in room.

Free Standing Wardrobes:
If you are renting a house or want to stay in house for short time you can consider freestanding wardrobes. You can easily move these wardrobes from one place to another place.

Walk-in wardrobes:
These luxurious wardrobes look best in large size rooms. It enables you to hang clothes the way you want. It is not necessary to install this wardrobe in your bedroom you can convert a spare room in walk in wardrobe. These wardrobes are available in elegant styles and designs. Usually sliding doors are used in such type of wardrobes.

Armories are best for vintage style bedroom. These are available with shelves and rails that are used for keeping folded clothes.

Choose type of wardrobe that is best fit in your room and according to room interior and layout. All above types of wardrobes serve storage purpose. You can choose color which you like the most. But be cautious color you are choosing look good with interior of room.

Quality: Always buy quality items.  Don’t buy low cost and feebly constructed wardrobes. Many better quality wardrobes are available with different ranges.

Solid Wood:  Don’t buy chipboard made wardrobe. Solid wood is the best option it is long lasting and don’t break easily.
Storage boxes:  If you have more clothes then the space of wardrobe you can buy extra storage boxes. Simple wooden boxes or decorative storage boxes are available in market.

Cleaning Wardrobe:  Clean wardrobe every at least once in every six month. Pull out extra or small clothes and give them to needy people. Reset wardrobe with remaining clothes.

Bedroom Furniture Retailers in South Africa:  In South Africa furniture retailers such as Bid or Buy, The Wardrobe Academy, Zando, Oppein, Gumtree, Red Apple are providing bedroom cabinets with variety of styles and colors. Cross compare wardrobes material, price and quality of all furniture companies. Select a seller which is reliable and providing best quality product at reasonable prices. If you are brand conscious and don’t have budget issue you can choose trustworthy brand for buying wardrobes.