Vintage Bedroom Decoration

Get a new-look bedroom with vintage bedroom furniture. Unique, rare and inviting, vintage furniture for the bedroom is all you need to transform your room into a cozy, warm abode. You’ll find plenty of stores to buy vintage bedroom furniture and home decorations in South Africa. Match pieces that are close in design to get a coordinated look. Alternatively, use pieces that are on opposite ends of design for a unique, visually artistic look. You can add a visible vintage edge to the bedroom by using only one piece of furniture or by making sure that all the furniture in the bedroom is vintage only. When you go for the former, it’s good to choose a large piece of furniture, such as the bed or dresser. This way, you can center everything else around the vintage piece.

Find the perfect vintage arrangement for your bedroom by comparing the different vintage furniture designs showcased in South Africa. These are sourced from around the world, with many items originating from the UK, France, Canada, Asia, India, the US and some right here in SA. Details on the origin of the pieces help in highlighting the history of your vintage bedroom furniture, and you can know how long the item has been in existence. Add contemporary accents and furnishings for a combined modern and retro look. You may also consider repainting the furniture to a particular color. This trick works very well in unifying the various vintage furniture items you’ve used in the bedroom and will enhance symmetry in the room.