Memory Foam Mattress

It was in 1970 when NASA felt the need of developing memory foam for its astronauts, but it wasn’t popular in consumer markets up till the 90’s. However, it existed in the markets and known as topper pads. Today, memory foam mattress has become one of the most renowned names of the mattress industry.

People with health issues like back pain, joint and bone pains, arthritis and other similar problems have found memory foam mattress not less than a real blessing. A large number of people with these health issues have been using memory foam mattresses for years and finding it very effective to get rid of such health issues. Available in an array of sizes that include single, double, king and queen sizes, these mattresses also come in one softer and the other harder side to fulfill the different needs of sleeping partners. Usual density of this type of mattresses is around five inches.

If you have decided to buy memory foam mattress, there are certain things your need to keep in mind before buying this kind of mattress. Always remember that choosing the right type of memory foam mattress is not that easy, you need to keep your different requirements in mind and buy a mattress that meets most of these requirements.
Buying of memory foam mattresses may become a breeze if you keep these things in mind before making a purchase.
Temperature Sensitivity, correct thickness, quality top layer, softness and hardness are some important factors that you need to consider when buying these mattresses.

When it comes to temperature sensitivity, you must remember that most mattresses you find are not temperature sensitive. Temperature sensitivity is an important factor and you must pick memory foam with this feature. It can make your memory foam mattress elegant and highly comfortable especially if you have to live in a hot environment. Memory foam mattresses with temperature sensitivity can absorb this excessive heat.

Another important thing to consider when buying memory foam mattresses is their thickness. The thickness is calculated in cubic foot and it can be defined as its total weight and to measure this thickness you need to weigh a piece of 13x13x13 cube shape dimension. There are several theories regards to the correct thickness of memory foam mattress, but most experts agree on that its thickness must be around 2.3-2.7.

Another important aspect that you must keep in view when buying memory foam mattress is its top layer. You need to select a memory foam mattress with sufficient top layer. You may face certain difficulties if this top layer is too thin or too thick. An ideal top layer for a mattress is around 9 cm.

In South Africa, you will find many renowned brands of memory foam mattresses that have been producing quality stuff for quite some time. Hyper Foam, Vita Foam, Cloud Nine, Wool Worth’s are some renowned names known for their quality mattresses in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, etc.