Mattress Buying Guide

Is your mattress looking loose or saggy and you want to replace it? Replacing mattress can be grueling activity because there are number of options available in market. Finding comfortable mattress is a difficult task. There are numerous factors that you need to consider before purchasing mattress. This guide will help you in purchasing best mattress for you.

Determine Budget:
Mattresses are available in different ranges. The cost of mattress can vary from hundred dollar to thousands dollar. Your budget will depend on the mattress size, type and quality.

Types of Mattress:
There are different types of mattress like foam, air mattress, spring mattress and hybrid mattress.

Foam Mattress: It was designed for NASA in the mid 1960s. It is soft and molds according to body pressure, when pressure is removed it returns to the usual shape. This mattress absorbs heat so it can be uncomfortable for some people.

Air Mattresses: People who have different sleeping patterns prefer air mattress. You can adjust mattress according to your need. For example If two people are sharing a bed and one prefers a soft mattress and other prefers firm mattress, they can adjust firmness of one side of bed.

Innerspring Mattresses: It is the most common type of mattress. Steel coils are used for inner supporting system. Usually it is not expensive and available in every budget range. High coil count can increase price of this mattress. Two types of coils are used in making innerspring mattress. Independent coils and Interlocking coils. Independent coils are best for light sleepers because they don’t disturb with movement of their partners. Interlocking coils are joined together with wire.

Hybrid Mattress: This mattress is combined with innerspring and memory foam. It is the best choice if you want to sleep comfortably. It is durable and you can enjoy qualities of both foam and innerspring mattress.
BMI: Before buying any type of mattress consider your BMI. Person with more BMI need strong inner coils or denser mattress.

Mostly mattress can be used for five to seven years. Long lasting mattresses are available in the market that can be used for more than five to seven years. Low quality mattress can increase your investment. Always buy a mattress with warranty because if you are not satisfied you can easy replace your mattress.

Mattress Specifications:
When you are buying mattress explore mattress specifications like density, number of layers used in mattress and quantity of coils. These details will help you in finding best mattress.

Stores in South Africa:
There are number of retailers are selling mattress through stores and online. Beds for Africa, Beds South Africa, Decofurn, The Mattress King, Thempur, Bed King, The Bed Company and Cloud Nine are some retailers. You can visit their shops or online websites. Search best company with best product and prices. When you are in market before paying for mattress test its comfort ability by laying on it for at least ten minutes but online purchasing will exclude option of testing.