Luxury Bathrooms from Cape Town

For many home owners, the bathroom is the only room in the house that gives a semblance of relaxation and rejuvenation. And rightly so, given how calming it is to soak in a bath for an hour and come out of it feeling refreshed. But whether you’re the kind of person who spends two hours in the bath tub, the one who only needs five minutes in the shower to come alive, but the type that wouldn’t know what to do without a Jacuzzi in the house, the variety of luxury bathroom solutions in Cape Town serves to spice up each bathroom to the owner’s preferred look. Luxury bathrooms are not limited to the ultra spacious baths in big houses only. You can create your own luxury bath even if the room is quite small.

The key to doing this right is in choosing bathroom products and accessories that are of premium quality. They don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive pieces in the market to qualify as luxury. They just have to be of unquestionable quality, be made in a lovely design and be well finished. This means you have to be very choosy in picking your fittings and accessories. Exotic designs and shapes add a lush feel to any bathroom and are good choices, as are pieces with ornate detailing and shiny accessories. Think of these aspects when picking your towel bars, and choosing the features of your bathroom cabinets and vanities, faucets, shower heads, taps, and door knobs. Choose superior quality materials too, such as granite, ceramic, faux wood flooring, tiles, solid wood, and stainless steel for your surfaces.

Create a luxury look on your bathroom floors using rich, thick bath mats in areas that are not constantly wet, such as in front of the mirror or a vanity. Cotton or linen shower curtains in a subtle color that is not too screaming are better options than PVC variations. Use ornate chandeliers and oddly shaped wall sconces to give your walls and ceiling a luxurious touch. Lastly, you haven’t tasted luxury in the bathroom until you’ve gone the fitted bathroom cabinets way. Cape Town fitted luxury bathrooms are a must-have for everyone wishing to enjoy the plush look of a luxurious bathroom. The bathroom units are outfitted just for you and are made in your desired design and shape. You also choose what materials, colors, and finish to be used, and the accessories and features to include in each cabinet. With a custom fitted bathroom, you can incorporate any style aspect and make your personality shine through each piece.

Cape Town luxury bathrooms are designed for comfort, high functionality, style, and elegance. You can customize your luxury bathroom using any number of bath fittings and accessories, and create a look that is unique to you. Combine ornate bath accessories with bespoke bathroom cabinets, vanities and other furniture for a uniform luxurious look all round the bathroom.