Amazing Kitchen Furniture Designs

Over the years, the kitchen has evolved to become the room in focus in many houses. From primarily being a space where meals are prepared,  today, it is the multifunctional place where family and friends gather around for snacks and bitings. Sometimes even for meals. One thing that is smack in the middle of this kitchen activity is the kitchen furniture. Without kitchen cabinets and cupboards, you’d have nowhere to store your cookware, dish ware, crockery, kitchen towels or kitchen tools and equipment. The resulting mess in the kitchen would make it difficult to cook in the room, leave alone sit down for a chat. Fortunately, there is plenty of modern kitchen furniture in South Africa that you can adopt for your kitchen.

Your chosen furniture should always complement your kitchen design and layout. You may be drawn to a specific kitchen cabinet design but if it won’t match your kitchen layout, there is no point in buying it because you can’t change the layout to accommodate your new cabinetry. But you can customize your cabinets and other furniture to suit your kitchen layout. Sometimes, none of the cabinet designs in the market will appeal to you. Or they may be either too big or small for your kitchen space. This is where you consider bespoke or fitted kitchen cabinets. These are outfitted specifically for your space and will be made in the exact height, width and depth you want. Buying bespoke also puts you in charge of the design and shape of your cabinets. You also choose the materials and accessories you would like your cabinets to have.

Buying bespoke kitchen furniture is the most expensive option you have. If the price quoted is beyond your budget, consider a cross between bespoke and stock. Many South Africa kitchen outfitters give this option. Here, you choose from a variety of standard stock kitchen cabinet designs. And then you customize the design to the size, depth, finish and color you want. You also choose which features and accessories to be added to the cabinets. The customizations you choose can push the price up but not overly so. You’ll spend far less than you would on a fully customized kitchen set but get enough modifications on the basic design to give you a personalized look.

Use the same approach when buying kitchen islands, carts, tables and stools or chairs. You’ll get more value from multifunctional designs of kitchen furniture so always choose these over single application furniture. For example, in a small kitchen, a kitchen island with cabinets and pull out drawers is a better option than a plain table because it gives you storage space, a working surface and a dining surface all at once.

Furnishing your kitchen in South Africa is as simple as walking into a kitchen dealer store with your budget ready. Here, you’ll select from a broad variety of kitchen furniture and cabinets in different designs, styles and sizes. Choose pieces that bring out the best in your kitchen interior.