Cleaning the Garage Door

Garage is place which is used for automobiles and keeping important tools of garden. For serving this purpose buy good quality door that doesn’t easily break or damage. Cleaning and caring door can increase home appearance. When you are cleaning your garage don’t forget to clean garage door. Cleaning garage door will enhance beauty of your house. By taking care and regular cleaning you can prolong life of door. You may get confuse form where to start cleaning but don’t worry we have practical tips that will help you a lot. By following some tips you can easily keep clean garage door.

Step 1: When you are cleaning garage pull out everything. Spare area is easy to clean.

Step 2: For cleaning you don’t need to pick fancy material just use things that are available in home. Pick a bucket, water pipe, scrub brush and dish soap. Fill bucket with cozy water and make bubbles in bucket water by adding dish soap or detergent.

Step 3: Use water pipe or hose to wet whole door. Use soft brush and scrub garage door by applying detergent water. Don’t use hard scrub brush it will damage your door color or paint. But if door contains greasy stains or heavy dust you can use bleach instead of using soft detergent. Don’t mix bleach with other cleaning detergents it will damage your door. If satins are permanent you can use scotch bright it will give better results.

Step 4: Rinse detergent by using water through hose and allow it to dry for some time.

Step 5: Repeat cleaning process inside of door. It is not visible but cleaning of inside is as vital as outside cleaning. Inside cleaning will enhance inner beauty of house.

Step 6: Protection of door is important after cleaning. If your garage door is metal made, use layer of car wax after cleaning. Car wax will restore the shine of metal. If door is painted check the areas where is rust and apply paint on it.

Step 7: Lubricate garage wheels and track. Using lubricate will help in keeping door rust free.

Step 8: Clean all area around the door. Remove all extra things that are just filling the space of the garage and clear path for car.

Maintenance: If door is automatic or sliding it may require extra protection and maintenance. Maintenance of door is as important as cleaning. Regular Maintenance will prevent your door form rusting and breakage. Check broken components and get repair them. Tight all nuts every six months and check slide path of the door. Rust on sliding path will create big problem so don’t neglect it.

Stains: After complete washing of door you may notice some spots are appearing. These spots occur due to rust or grease. Clean two or three time and these spots will disappear. But if these stains are looking permanent, no worries, apply quality wax it will prevent from stains and rust in future.

It is not necessary to clean door after twelve months you can clean after six months or whenever you feel door is dirty. If you don’t have enough time you can acquire services of professional cleaners. Mostly carpet cleaning companies provide door cleaning service. Expert Carpet cleaning, Sweep South, Junk Mail and several other companies are providing door cleaning services in are Johannesburg. You can call these cleaners or which is near to your town and get cleaning services any time.