Choosing an Interior Designer

Putting up a building entails consultation with professionals, among them landscape engineers and architects. This may seem like a long route but it is the only assured way of ensuring that building regulations as stipulated by the South Africa government are met, and the only way to ensure that the building is safely constructed and meets all quality standards. Another professional one must involve in the project is an interior designer. Charged with design analysis and space planning, interior designers ensure that the building functions as the owner anticipated, and enhances the life and welfare of all who use it. Without interior designers, it is impossible to have a functional space that is habitable and conducive for its intended purpose.

Interior designers often work hand in hand with architects, as their roles are complementary. Before hiring one, discuss the project in detail with them to ascertain that they understand the plan well. Give them all the details and ask as many questions as possible. This will help bring you and the designer on the same page as far as the project is concerned. Looking at their portfolio will help you gauge whether they are a right choice for your building project. In fact, if they’ve worked on something similar to what you want, seeing the results of their input can give you an idea of how successfully they can handle yours. Even when the interior designer hasn’t worked on a project similar to yours before, trust them to do a fine job, as long as they have the skills, experience, and a good understanding of the brief.

It’s always advisable to use an interior designer who is referred to you by one or more of your contacts. Friends, family, and colleagues may know of a good interior designer who they can recommend to you. If you cannot find one in this way, hire one independently. Confirm that they are qualified and licensed to do business by asking to see their papers and projects they’ve completed before. A degree majoring in interior design and professional courses, along with some experience in the industry, is enough to enable one practice as a professional in SA.

You may also contact The South Africa Institute of the Interior Design Professions for a designer, the professional body that registers interior designers under its IID (Interior Architects, Interior Designers and Interior Decorators) platform. Interior designers registered under IID are in two classes: professional and candidates. Professionals are the most experienced, with more years of training and hands-on experience in the field. Candidates have attained the basic training, and have experience ranging between one and six years. In using them, you are sure that you have the best brains and talent working on your project. Choosing an IID registered interior designer has the added advantage of giving you free mediation in case of a dispute between you and the designer in the course of the project.

Interior designers make a living or work space usable, functional, and habitable. They are involved with the project right from the start, and help in creating a design that gives life to the space in question. Whatever region of South Africa your building project is, you need an interior designer to implement and manage interiors that get the job done and impress.