The Best Carpet Cleaning Companies of Cape Town

In home decoration carpet is vital accessory. Home looks dazzling by installing carpet because carpets add color pattern and texture. Cleaning remove dust and stains and it can enhance life and beauty of your carpet. Cleaning depends on traffic area, if carpet is used more often than clean carpet every 6 months. Otherwise clean carpet every 12 months. If you have kids and pets and carpet is light color, it requires two or three times cleaning in year. Regular cleaning is necessary if you want to keep carpet neat and shinny. Carpet cleaning at home is difficult task because most of people don’t have cleaning products and machinery. We have easy steps that will help you in cleaning your carpet.

If you have low budget and cleaning carpet at home can save your money you can perform this task by renting products.

Rent a Carpet Cleaning Machine: Carpet cleaning machines are available on grocery stores or on renting centers. Some carpet cleaning companies also rent their machines. You require a renting machine and cleaning solutions like shampoo, stain, odor remover and defoamer. By applying cleaning products and using machine you can easily remove dust and stains from carpet.

Remove Furniture: Before carpet cleaning, remove furniture form desired area. Grasp a partner and remove furniture from room or carpet area.

Vacuum: Use vacuum to remove dust. After vacuuming apply cleaning products for stains and odor removal. Leave carpet for some time after that use machine to extract dirt from its base. Use only recommended products by carpet cleaning companies or carpet manufacturer.

Use Eco Friendly Products: Use those products that are environment friendly. Some cleaning products can harm your family, pets and they can cause of allergy. Use only green certified or verified products.

Carpet cleaning can be done by using following methods.
Water Extraction Method: It is also known as steam cleaning. Cleaning solution is injected in to carpet pile and then pulls dirt and solution back into machine. Choose powerful machine that can easily bear burden of water extraction. During using this method don’t over wet carpet because over wetting can spoil the carpet backing and can cause of shrinkage, faint color and odor.

Dry Extraction Method: It is bit expensive method of cleaning carpet. Dry absorbent is used in this method. Absorbent is spread on carpet and then vacuum with cleaning machine. As compare to water extraction method dry extraction is better.

It totally depend on you what method you choose for carpet cleaning. But be careful wrong use of products can harm your carpet. Dangerous materials can wear or tear carpet. Some stains may get permanent. People acquire service of professional carpet cleaners. Cleaning companies have multiple methods and latest technology for carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaners: There are multiple professional carpet cleaners in your town. Instead of cleaning carpet by yourself you can hire a professional. You can choose from water or dry extraction methods. Cleaners also recommend suitable method according to carpet quality and condition.

There are many professional carpet cleaners that are providing their services in Cape Town and surrounding areas such as Carpet Solutions, Chelesa cleaning, ABA Cleaning, Cape Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners Cape Town, CS Carpet Solutions, Carpet Spring Cleaners and Xtreme Floor care. Choose a cleaner that is near to your area or that is providing best cleaning and customer services. If you require regular cleaning You can also make contract with your