Buying Stylish Persian Carpets

Because of their unique elegance and aesthetic charm, Persian rugs and carpets are popular all around the world and South Africa has no exception. During the past few years, the demands for this type of carpets have greatly increased in South Africa. In cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, you can easily find some great varieties of Persian carpets. A large number of carpet dealers in South Africa have been importing Persian rugs and carpets for quite some time and if you visit their stores, the stuff you want to buy will be available there.

Those looking for high quality Persian rugs and carpets must remember that Persian carpets are from Persia which is an old name of the country known as Iran nowadays. So original Persian carpets come from Iran and the carpets come from countries like Pakistan, India, China and Turkey are the imitation of Persian carpets.

A large number of people in Iran are associated with carpet weaving industry and they made their livelihood by producing high quality carpet and rugs. The Persian rugs and carpets symbolize the great dexterity and elegance of these weavers in Iran. They have been producing high quality carpets for centuries and catering the requirements of domestic and international customers across the globe.

However, buying of a Persian carpet is not that easy and the most difficult thing in this regard is confirming its authenticity. Those who do not know about some basics of Persian rugs and carpets may never be able to judge whether the carpet is original or not. The first thing you need to remember that the original Persian rug is always “Made in Iran” stuff and carpets from other countries like India, China, Turkey and Pakistan are not the original Persian rugs or carpets.

Always remember that Persian rugs and carpets are expensive items and they are not available with cheap price tags. So, those who have decided to adore their home with original Persian carpets and rugs must check their budget first.

Persian rugs and carpets are woven by hands and hardly any machine is used in producing this type of carpets and rugs. Silk and Kurkwool are two popular materials used in this type of carpets and it is just by chance when some synthetic material is used in their make. Different colors used in them are usually naturally extracted colors that are achieved from plants or vegetables.

As different weavers weave these carpets utilizing their creative and imaginative skills and it is rare that we find two carpets of the same design and color pattern. They represent the imaginative and creative skills of the weaver. The quality of Persian rugs and carpets is determined by their knots or KPSI (knots per square inch) and carpet with greater number of knots is reckoned the better quality carpet and rug.