Buying Bathroom Vanities in Cape Town

If you want to renovate your bathroom adding furniture will provide modish look and storage advantages. But furniture should be useful and functional. Choosing bathroom furniture can be difficult you may get confuse which item should choose and which not. Usually bathroom furniture includes bathroom cabinets; vanities, mirror and racks. Our guides will help you in finding right bathroom furniture.

Measuring Space: Before buy anything measure available space for furniture in the bathroom. Also find out where you will place furniture. Leave enough space for opening door. Pick only useful item don’t overlook your bathroom with extra furniture.

Bathroom Vanities: There is no difference between bathroom cabinet and vanity, both are same. There are different types of vanities available for bathroom. Like Pedestal sink, freestanding, Vanity cabinets, vessel sink & vanity, wall mounted sink, and under mount sink. Before buy any type and style you should have clear idea of all types of vanities.

Pedestal Sink: It takes slight space, it looks cool and classy in bathroom. There are many styles of pedestal sink you can choose any according to your choice.
Free Standing Vanity: It is combination of vanity and sink. These types of vanities have enough space.
Vanity Cabinets: This is the finest type of vanity which you can consider for your bathroom. It provides plenty of space storage. Size of vanity cabinet can depend on your need and bathroom space.
Vessel Sink & Vanity: It is modern type of sink and vanity. It requires some space and it is bit expensive.
Wall Mounted Sink: It looks great in bathroom and it save space. But it is less durable as compare to other sinks.
Under Mount Sink: It is modern style sink with cabinets, but it doesn’t provide enough storage space. It has marble or granite counter top and it can be expensive.

Color & Quality:  Choose a color that look good with inter of bathroom. Some people prefer white vanities it is good choice but it can easily become messy and dirty. White or light colors require more care as compare to other colors. Buy good quality wooden vanity that is durable.

Vanity Material: Different type of material is used in making vanity. Wooden vanities are very popular to these days. Solid wood is best choice in wooden furniture.

Bathroom Vanity can be contemporary or classic style you can choose any according to your choice or interior of bathroom. Whatever style of vanity you choose it must look good with bathroom interior and layout.

Bathroom Furniture Retailers in Cape Town: Pennyware Distributers, Korra, Cotton Wood, CTM, Continental plumbing supplies, Hammonds Bathroom Cabinets, Holly Wood, Duravit and Wood love are good retailers of bathroom furniture in Cape Town. Compare all retailers and choose which is providing quality product at reasonable price. Don’t need to buy branded products it is not necessary all brands provide best quality. Some retailers offer best quality product at good price.