Where to Buy Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom is incomplete without using tiles. Tiles add beauty into any style of bathroom. There are endless types and sizes of tiles available in market. You can buy any kind, size and texture of tiles but before rushing into the market consider some important guides.

Clear Some Questions in Your Mind:
You need to ask some question to yourself before buying tiles. For example for what purpose you want to buy tiles? What size and type of tiles are best? What type of tile material will look good into bathroom? By asking these questions you easily find best tiles for your bathroom.

Types of Tiles: There are abundant types and materials of tiles are available in the market.

Natural Stone: Natural stone is used for decoration in houses. Granite, marble, slate, travertine and carrara are types of natural stones. Marble gives a graceful, eternal appearance that’s suitable for interior walls. Stone can be used polished and in ruff look. Shiny stone is perfect for walls.

Porcelain: This tile can be used inside and outside of house. It is hard tile and water resistant so it is used on floor of bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Ceramic: It is made with mineral water and clay. It can be glazed and unglazed. Glazed tiles have glass coating which resist from stains and starches. Unglazed tiles are not stain resistant.

Mosaic: This tile is used to enhance the beauty of any area. Usually it is best for walls and countertops of washrooms and other area of houses.

Brick: These tiles are best for rustic decor in outdoor setting. Stain resistant suit best with this type of tiles.

Size of Tile: These tiles are available in different sizes. You can choose any tile size which look good into your washroom. Tile can be matched with interior of washroom or you can also pick contrast color.

Care of tiles: You can easily clean tile with water and soap. If stains become on tiles some cleaners are also available in market. Buy a best cleaner and apply on tiles. Protection of tiles will keep them new and shiny for long time. You can get services of carpet cleaning companies. Some carpet cleaning companies are providing granite filling and waxing services to protect countertops and tiles.

Warranty: Some companies give lifetime warranty of tiles. Prefer warranted tiles if you want to keep same design of bathroom for long time.

Ceramic Companies in South Africa: There are many ceramic companies in South Africa like Union Tiles, LiVin, CTM, Tile Africa, Italtile, Ceramic Industries, UC Tiles, Malls Tiles and Tiles 4 All. You can choose best tile retailer from this list. Find authentic seller and check its product quality and price. If that seller is according to your requirements order tiles. Ordering online can bit risky because some time retailers shoe good pictures of product but deliver entirely different product. So look closely to every picture and make sure it contains good quality.