Amazing Bedroom Designs

Creating a comfortable bedroom does not just happen. It requires work. You’ll need to do more than drag a bed into the room and dress it up with a mattress and bedding if you want your bedroom to be a cosy sanctuary that you enjoy retreating into. Choose bedroom designs that work for your space in order to get the best out of the room. This also entails careful selection of bedroom furniture and accents, as well as furnishing that best brings out your desired look. In South Africa, there are companies specializing in bedroom designs that you can consult. Many furniture stores also have units for different bedroom designs that you can check out.

Every bedroom design should ensure that the room is comfortable, has adequate storage and still looks stylish. When you are short on space, choose designs that incorporate multifunctional furniture like storage beds, platform bases, and headboard storage. Taller and narrow furniture is a better choice than wide furniture that occupies a lot of floor space. Also take advantage of the room’s vertical space and turn it into storage space using shelving and cabinets. Convert the space behind the bed into more storage space by fixing cabinets or open shelves that can also act as display units. All these options will give you plenty of space without eating up all your floor space, leaving the room looking clutter free and even more spacious.

Modern, classic or cottage bedroom designs will be further enhanced by the use of a headboard. On its own, the headboard can be the focal point of the bedroom. Make this adored piece of furniture stand out using upholstery, wall paper, embroidered padding, or reclaimed wood. Paint it in colors that complement the existing colors in the bedroom for maximum effect. A taller headboard will add a dramatic effect to the bed and is a great option to adopt when you want to make the bed the central focus of the room. Whichever bedroom design you choose, always buy furniture that complements the size of the room, avoiding very large furniture when the room is tiny or small units on a spacious bedroom.

Top places you can get inspiration for bedroom designs in South Africa include Emporium Collection, Coricraft, Ok Furniture, Nevada Furniture – the sole importers of IKEA furniture in South Africa, Bedroom Basics, Bradlows & Morkels, and Lewis Stores among others. These stores sell complete bedroom suites as well as individual bedroom units like beds, headboards, footboards, dressers, night stands, storage units, lounge chairs, and more. There is a wide variety of designs to suit different bedroom styles, from traditional bedroom designs to modern bedroom designs, classic bedroom designs, shabby chic bedroom designs and transitional bedroom designs. Match your bedroom furniture with the right furnishings to bring out your style perfectly.

Get inspiration for your bedroom from the many bedroom designs available at the leading South Africa furniture stores. The variety is wide, with furniture for every style and preference.